Color In Between


Applying colors where people tend to overlook to apply them.

Tiles come with various colors and patterns. However, the adhesive products(silicone or grout) that go in between tiles are muted. Normally color choices are neutral tones and have no function to it other than filling the gap.

By creating diverse colors of silicone and applying them in dynamic ways, the tiled surface have new functionality and aesthetics.

Since silicone has its anti-slippery properties, it’s adequate in the environment with water.
By using two different color silicone and integrating wit

h tiles, the application become a graphical element and an indication on interior.
Pool stairs can be a efficient location to apply this technique to not only functional but visually pleasing.

The forms and colors were chosen to create and comforting environment.

Material: Ceramic tiles, Silicone

Color & material experimentation with both silicone and grout. Started from mixing color and apply them
in the standard shape square tiles. Also, the materials are applied in different section in more dynamic way by gluing with two different colors or applying on top of the tiles.

Inspired by the “rattan” textile design, tiles are redesigned to have patterns and more adhesive can be applied.