Cattle Vase


Cattle Vase is a flower vase designed with a simple and delicate curved body with two vigorous horns that becomes a soft reminder of the head of the cow. The story of the Cattle Vase started from the Désalpe, one of the most well-known mountain festivals in Switzerland. Désalpe is the event to celebrate the cows coming down after spending summer days from the mountain to the plain. During the event, cattle are decorated with flowers on their heads. Cattle Vase captures this moment when cattles wear flower crowns. When the user arranges flowers on the vase, the Cattle Vase will be a cow from the Désalpe on the table. The color and the silhouette comes from the Korean traditional vase called MaeByeong(매병; lit. Prunus Vase). MaeByoung is a vase created from the 12th(Goryeo dynasty) to 13th(Joseon dynasty) centuries in Korea. The characteristic of the vase is that it has a small opening on top with bulging shoulders, and an elongated body. Color I selected is off white which ties back to representing color of Korean people which also has a the term paegŭiminjok (백의민족; lit. White-clothed People). Designing a product with the background from both countries, Switzerland and Korea makes the product unique and abundant.

Client: 4321-MARKET
Material: ceramic
Photo: Bahc Shinyoung